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Make memories in your garden
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Make Memories

Crafted With Love

Customize your Own

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Turning Memories into Art!

Celebrate any occasion with a unique outdoor decoration from Graylee Goods. Choose from a selection of designs that will add beauty and personality to your garden.

We will help you create timeless tokens of love by making customised stones, art and other memorials that will allow you to show your love in a special way. Our experienced team will work closely with you to create pieces that truly capture the spirit of your loved one.


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Austin bought 2 lg spheres an 2 15" spheres and painted them BL/WH and put in his homeBeautiful!
Product Name: Cement Spheres

Austin Pearson Location: Brentwood, TN

16" multi blues flower pattern
Product Name: Gazing Ball

Susan Pearce Location: Spring Hill, TN

4" shell Gazing Ball
Product Name: Gazing Ball

Ann Ferling Location: Spring Hill, TN

6" multi blues Gazing Ball
Product Name: Gazing Ball

Nancy Olsen Location: Spring Hill, TN